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At Costumefusion we understand the importance of our customers looking the best in their costume. In order to ensure that your costume fits comfortably, please refer to the sizing chart which can be used as a guide when choosing your costume. *Please note that not all costumes are available in all sizes. Our costume suppliers varies, therefore their sizes and measurements varies as well. Happy Shopping!
Infants & Toddlers Size Height Waist
Newborn 0-6 Mths N/A N/A N/A
Newborn 0-9 Mths N/A N/A N/A
Infant 6-12 Months Size 1-2 N/A N/A
Toddler 12-18 Mths N/A 28-32/71-81cm 19-20/48-51cm
Toddler Size 2T 33-34/84-86cm 19-20/48-51cm
Toddler Size 2-4 35-39/89-99cm 22-24/56-61cm
Toddler/X-Small Size 3T-4T 39-42/99-107cm 20-21/51-53cm
Children Size Height Waist
Small Size 4-6 39-48/99-122cm 22-24/56-61cm
Medium Size 7-8 48-53/122-135cm 23-24/56-61cm
Large Size 10-12 54-58/137-147cm 24-25/61-64cm
Medium ( Plus ) Size 8-10 50-54/127-137cm 27-30/69-76cm
Large ( Plus ) Size 12-14 56-60/142-152cm 31-34/79-86cm
Tween-Girls Size Bust Waist
Small N/A 27/69cm 24/61cm
Medium N/A 29/74cm 27/69cm
Tween-Boys Size Chest Waist Inseam
Husky Size 14-16 30-32/76-81cm 26-27/66-69cm 25-27/64-69cm
Teens Size Bust/Chest Waist Inseam
Young Men Size 34-36 N/A N/A N/A
Young Men Size 38-40 38-40/97-102cm 32-34/81-86cm 29-31/74-79cm
Young Women Size 2-6 32-34/81-86cm 22-24/56-61cm N/A
Young Women Size 7-9 34-36/86-91cm 26-28/66-71cm N/A
Women Size Chest Waist
X-Small Size 2-6 32-34/81-86cm 22-24/56-61cm
Small Size 4-6 33-35/84-89cm 24-26/61-66cm
Teen Size 7-9 34-36/86-91cm 26-28/66-71cm
Small ( Plus ) Size 6-10 33-35/84-89cm 25-26/64-66cm
Medium Size 8-10 35-37/89-94cm 27-29/69-74cm
Medium ( Plus ) Size 10-12 36-38/91-97cm 27-30/69-76cm
Standard Size 8-12 36-38/91-97cm 27-30/69-76cm
Large Size 12-14 38-40/97-102cm 30-32/76-81cm
Large ( Plus ) Size 14-16 38-40/97-102cm 31-34/79-86cm
Plus/XL Size 16-20 42-44/107-112cm 35-38/89-97cm
Plus Size 16-22 N/A N/A
Plus Size 18-20 45-47/114-119cm 37-39/94-99cm
Plus Size 22-24 48-50/122-127cm 42-44/107-112cm
2X N/A 50/127cm 43/109cm
Men Size Chest Waist Inseam
Small Size 34-36 36/91cm 26-28/66-71cm 33/84cm
Medium Size 38-40 42/107cm 30-34/76-86cm 33/84cm
Standard/Large Size 38-44 46/117cm 36-40/91-102cm 33/84cm
X-Large Size 42-46 46/117cm 38-42/97-107cm 30-32/76-81cm
X-Large ( Plus ) Size 46-48 50/127cm 42-46/107-117cm 33/84cm
XX-Large Size 50-52 52/132cm 44-46/112-117cm 30-32/76-81cm
Plus Size Size 46-52 50/127cm N/A N/A
2X N/A 56/142cm 52/132cm N/A
Pets Neck To Tail Chest Circum.
X-Small 8/20cm 11/28cm
Small 11/28cm 14/36cm
Medium 15/38cm 17/43cm
Large 22/56cm 20/51cm
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