CostumeFusion carries several costume wigs at cheap prices. For ideas for your next Halloween costume, visit
our online costume store. We have some of the best Halloween wig ideas & costumes online and in Quebec,
Canada. Buy costumes & wigs for Halloween or any other event from CostumeFusion.



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Costume Wigs for Your Halloween Costumes

A wig can be the perfect idea to accessorize your Halloween costume. We have several ideas for costume wigs including coloured wigs, rasta wigs and pirate wigs for that perfect pirate costume. No matter what shape or color you’re looking for, our large array of costume wigs at cheap prices will compliment your costumes. Whether your wig is to be worn alone or as part of an intricate costume, you can buy costumes and wigs from our online store to make you stand out. We're located in the province of Quebec in Canada, and our large number of Halloween wig ideas is designed to complete your perfect costume, and our prices are very cheap.


$ 32.30 CAD - $ 24.22 USD


$ 32.30 CAD - $ 24.22 USD


$ 14.78 CAD - $ 11.08 USD


$ 17.51 CAD - $ 13.13 USD


$ 10.94 CAD - $ 8.21 USD


$ 15.87 CAD - $ 11.90 USD


$ 18.60 CAD - $ 13.95 USD


$ 31.74 CAD - $ 23.81 USD


$ 14.78 CAD - $ 11.08 USD


$ 19.99 CAD - $ 13.99 USD


$ 14.78 CAD - $ 11.08 USD


$ 15.32 CAD - $ 11.49 USD


$ 18.60 CAD - $ 13.95 USD


$ 12.59 CAD - $ 9.44 USD


$ 15.87 CAD - $ 11.90 USD


$ 32.30 CAD - $ 24.22 USD


$ 13.68 CAD - $ 10.26 USD


$ 16.97 CAD - $ 12.73 USD

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Wig ideas at cheap prices from CostumeFusion online store!

Short wigs, long wigs, black or blue hair wigs….If your costume calls for a fun hair idea, buy one of our wigs to compliment your Halloween costumes! Our online store, with our warehouse located in the province of Quebec in Canada, carries some of the best costume wigs for your party. Contact us to find your perfect costume wig to complete your Halloween costume, or to simply compliment that Fancy Costume ensemble! Choose from our Hot Pink Wigs, Blonde Wigs, Afro Wigs, Glamour Wigs, Colonial Wigs and more. Choose the costume wig that will bring to life your costume character.

Depending on your party costume theme, you might need to accessorize your costume with a wig, a hat, props or other costume accessories. We offer good ideas for Halloween or any costume event. Our cheap costume wigs prices are among the best in the industry. Contact us to buy costume wigs that we can ship to almost anywhere in the World. We have several professionally designed costumes and wigs for Halloween at very cheap prices. When you buy wigs for your Halloween costumes, you create memories.
Buy costumes and wigs at cheap prices from one of the best online costume & wig stores in Canada!

Add some authenticity to your costume with the perfect wig from CostumeFusion. We carry wigs for adult and children costumes, as well as several costume ideas. Our online store has no shortage of costumes or costume wigs for your special dress up occassion. We want to make every Halloween an unforgettable experience. A wig, or a costume from our line-up is perfect for that special occassion! Put the finishing touch to your costume with the perfect costume wig.

CostumeFusion has a great selection of costume wigs to choose from for Halloween or your special event. Our humorous clown wig is a perfect finishing touch to your clown costume. Need an idea to accessorize your witch costume or you just want to buy witch wig on its own? We have just the right selection of witch costume wigs for Halloween costumes in Canada. The wig ideas you will find in our online store are original and will add a humorous touch to your costume themed Halloween party.

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