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Scary Halloween Masks and Costumes

Welcome to CostumeFusion, one of the best online Halloween mask and costume stores in Quebec, Canada and elsewhere. We have an extensive inventory of unique masks at cheap prices, as seen below. Find the right mask to compliment your costume. Simply click on one of the mask images to buy a mask or look through our other categories to buy costumes at some of the best prices online. Browse through our selection of unique, scary masks and costumes. We will conveniently ship from the province of Quebec, Canada to almost any country in the World. We carry some of the latest and best unique mask ideas, costumes, wigs, hats, props and other costume accessories for a fun, scary Halloween.


$ 13.68 CAD - $ 10.26 USD


$ 34.49 CAD - $ 25.87 USD


$ 59.99 CAD - $ 49.99 USD


$ 18.60 CAD - $ 13.95 USD


$ 14.95 CAD - $ 12.95 USD


$ 139.61 CAD - $ 104.71 USD


$ 17.51 CAD - $ 13.13 USD


$ 54.20 CAD - $ 40.65 USD


$ 7.11 CAD - $ 5.33 USD


$ 14.95 CAD - $ 12.95 USD


$ 14.95 CAD - $ 12.95 USD


$ 10.94 CAD - $ 8.21 USD


$ 14.95 CAD - $ 12.95 USD


$ 20.25 CAD - $ 15.19 USD


$ 6.56 CAD - $ 4.92 USD


$ 13.68 CAD - $ 10.26 USD


$ 13.13 CAD - $ 9.85 USD


$ 15.87 CAD - $ 11.90 USD

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Superhero and Disney costume shop online for boys and girls

Your ideal Halloween costume is not complete without adding one of our famous Jack Skellington masks to go with your Jack Skellington Costume. Nacho Libre masks, Bart Simpson masks, and The Grinch masks are all part of our fun selections to choose from. We have some of the best Halloween mask and costume ideas online. We offer a great selection of unique masks and scary costumes to choose from. We know that some of our Halloween masks and accessories are not commonly found elewhere due to the uniqueness of their nature. That's why we offer shipping services to get your mask and costumes delivered directly from our warehouse to your door.

CostumeFusion is based in Quebec, Canada and carries interesting and fun of masks. Contact us at or 450-201-1285 to reach our knowledgeable staff about the best Halloween mask ideas for adults or children, and remember: our cheap costume prices are amongst the best in the the industry you will find in Canada or elsewhere! Try one of our celebrity character mask, politician mask or humourous character masks. Go to Costumefusion for your next online mask shopping experience.
Costume ideas for children – buy great Halloween costumes from CostumeFusions’s online shop!

CostumeFusion has Halloween masks and other accessories for adults and kids. Browse through our online store for masks ideas from popular movies and TV shows as well as several political characters. We carry scary masks and unique masks for most costume occasions. We also have scary costumes to compliment your mask, cute kids costumes, plus size costumes and costumes from different eras. Whether it’s Halloween, St. Patrick's Day, Easter or Christmas, we can cover your costume needs with the best selection of holiday costumes and masks at a cheap price. Also, costume themed parties are always popular, and kids love to play dress up and wear masks at any time of the year. Browse our mask selection online today!

Whether you are looking for scary masks for Halloween or you are looking to make a political statement, CostumeFusion has it covered with a wide variety of vinyl masks, scary Halloween masks, TV show masks, cartoon masks and funny masks. Masks can be a very important accessory for an intricate costume. Our masks come in all styles.

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