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Infant & Toddler Costumes for Halloween

A babies first Halloween is a special one, and you only get one chance to make the first Halloween of your infant a memorable one. Whether you're looking for animal costumes, a bunny costume or something cute, you will be sure to find the perfect Halloween costume ideas for your baby, infant or toddler at CostumeFusion. Whether you want to dress up your newborn infant baby for Halloween, the birthday of your toddler, or some other occasion, we help you make it special for your little one with babies & toddler infant costumes. You can buy costumes from a range of cute and creative ideas by browsing CostumeFusion’s online store, which ships from Canada. While going through our selection, keep in mind that each newborn costume is designed for the comfort of your baby. If you want your newborn baby, infant or toddler to look like a bunny or cute animal, please take a look at the wide selection of costumes from our store.


$ 18.60 CAD - $ 13.95 USD


$ 42.69 CAD - $ 32.02 USD


$ 42.69 CAD - $ 32.02 USD


$ 20.25 CAD - $ 15.19 USD


$ 24.08 CAD - $ 18.06 USD


$ 32.84 CAD - $ 24.63 USD


$ 29.55 CAD - $ 22.16 USD


$ 25.17 CAD - $ 18.88 USD


$ 28.95 CAD - $ 23.95 USD


$ 16.97 CAD - $ 12.73 USD


$ 24.08 CAD - $ 18.06 USD


$ 18.60 CAD - $ 13.95 USD


$ 29.55 CAD - $ 22.16 USD


$ 26.27 CAD - $ 19.70 USD


$ 23.54 CAD - $ 17.66 USD


$ 17.51 CAD - $ 13.13 USD


$ 17.51 CAD - $ 13.13 USD


$ 20.25 CAD - $ 15.19 USD

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Shopping for a cute bunny costume for your newborn baby or toddler? Buy animal costumes from CostumeFusion!

The only thing more adorable than a newborn baby or an infant toddler is seeing them all dressed up! Your babies will be jumping and giggling in their cute costume. Several of our infant costumes come in several sizes including newborn baby, infant and toddler sizes. Please check our list to view in-stock sizes for each costume, or if you are just looking for costume ideas! For the perfect Newborn Costume or fancy Toddler Costume, go through our too cute to spook choices on here! Our Noah's Ark Costume collection is as adorable as they come. These Animal Costumes are pretty fuzzy and are sure to keep your little bundle of love all warm and toasty. Shrek The Third Costumes, Bunny Costumes and My Little Pony Costumes are among the most popular selections from our online shop.

Choosing a costume for your newborn baby, infant or toddler is fun because of the wide variety of costumes available on CostumeFusion’s online shop. When costume designers added baby, infant and toddler collections to their Halloween costume lines, it was in great taste the collection of costume choices for babies. We carry in our warehouse in Canada some of the most popular newborn baby, infant and toddler costumes.
Costume ideas for your newborn baby – CostumeFusion costumes are the most fun your infant baby or toddler will have dressing up!

Your baby is never too young to celebrate Halloween! Get your babies ready for their first trick or treat adventure in one of our infant baby Halloween costumes. Our cute and comfortable baby costumes will not only have your newborn infant smiling, but will also earn smiles from all of your Halloween guests. Based in Canada, CostumeFusion’s online store has a variety of infant Halloween costumes including animal costumes, cozy bunny costumes and several other costumes for a newborn baby, infant or toddler that would impress any Halloween enthusiast. Babies are cute by nature, and an infant costume from CostumeFusion will make your newborn baby or toddler shine above the rest.

Some of the most popular newborn baby, infant and toddler ideas for costumes are animal costumes, bunny costumes, Shrek The Third Costumes and My Little Pony Costumes. Our baby costumes are comfortable, funny and adorable, and remember a baby Costume is not just for Halloween! Contact us about the best Halloween costume ideas for babies. We have some of the BEST prices in Canada! For your newborn baby costumes, infant or toddler costumes, contact us to buy costumes from our store.

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