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Kids Costumes for Halloween

Halloween costume ideas for kids can be hard to come by. At CostumeFusion, we understand that Halloween is an exciting day for kids and for the ones that are kids at heart. We carry several boys and girls costumes for every theme, including super hero costumes, angel costumes, princess costumes and disney childrens costumes. Halloween is a much anticipated day for most boys, girls and older kids for dressing up. CostumeFusion carries the perfect costume that will make your children jump for joy.


$ 32.30 CAD - $ 24.22 USD


$ 24.08 CAD - $ 18.06 USD


$ 36.12 CAD - $ 27.09 USD


$ 42.69 CAD - $ 32.02 USD


$ 31.74 CAD - $ 23.81 USD


$ 21.89 CAD - $ 16.42 USD


$ 38.31 CAD - $ 28.73 USD


$ 22.98 CAD - $ 17.23 USD


$ 21.35 CAD - $ 16.01 USD


$ 26.27 CAD - $ 19.70 USD


$ 33.39 CAD - $ 25.04 USD


$ 29.55 CAD - $ 22.16 USD


$ 18.60 CAD - $ 13.95 USD


$ 29.55 CAD - $ 22.16 USD


$ 42.69 CAD - $ 32.02 USD


$ 20.25 CAD - $ 15.19 USD


$ 22.98 CAD - $ 17.23 USD


$ 22.98 CAD - $ 17.23 USD

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Superhero and Disney costume shop online for boys and girls

Bring out the Superhero in your little one with one of our Classic Disney Costumes in our Kids Costumes category. We have no shortage of Boys Costumes including Cars Costumes, Batman Costumes, Wall E Costumes, etc. Find exciting Girls Costumes choices too! Whether she fancies that adorning Princess Costume, Minnie Mouse Costume or Dora Costume, or she simply wants to dress in an Angel Costume for her make believe moment, find them all here! If you are looking for a super hero costume for your little superheroes, a Disney costume, or any special theme costume, we carry a big line-up of kids costumes including:

* Batman costume
* Marvel superheroes costume
* Minnie Mouse costume
* Dora costume
* Princess costume
* etc…

At CostumeFusion, we want to make every Halloween an unforgettable experience for your boys or girls. Our children costumes section carries several costume ideas for that perfect Halloween costume for your little girl or boy.
Costume ideas for children – buy great Halloween costumes from CostumeFusions’s online shop!

Shop for your boys and girls costumes here. CostumeFusion is based in Canada and carries an exceptional amount of costumes for children, including the following costumes:

* Batman costume
* Angel costume
* Minnie Mouse costume
* Dora costume
* Super hero costumes
* Princess costumes
* Disney costumes
* etc…

Buy costumes for that special boy or girl. Some of the most popular kids costumes are superhero icons such as Batman or Disney icons like Minnie Mouse. Adult Halloween costume choices revolve around the desire to be unique, whereas kids Halloween costumes focus on who they want to be. Contact us to reach our knowledgeable staff about the best Halloween costume ideas for children. We have some of the BEST prices in Canada!! Contact us to buy costumes for any of the above items.

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